Friday, April 22, 2011

Max Enters the Dungeon Realm...

 On this lazy Good Friday, Max and I had the opportunity to sit down and play a little Dungeon Realm. There is nothing quite like father and son sitting down to play at the gaming table. 

Max opted to play Zortan Graeme, human wizard, and Telles Heroshall, human cleric. The village elders hired the pair to eliminate the goblin threat. The two adventurers were led to the forest ruins by a local forester. Immediately upon entering the ruin's perimeter, the goblins attacked. 

During the skirmish, several of the gobs escaped down a staircase to the catacombs below the ruins. Zortan and Telles descended into the darkness led by Zortan's magical light. The flooded ruins that awaited them was crawling with the little humanoids. 

They battled the sentries and realized that the there may be more goblins than they had first thought. Soon the goblin crossbows were taking their toll. 

Zortan decided to cast invisibility and scout ahead, leaving Telles to deal with the goblins on this side. The wizard had spied a teleportation platform and made a decision to see where it leads, deducing that the goblins probably used the teleportation platform to quickly cross the river. He stepped onto the pad and was instantly across the river on the other side staring into the eyes of goblins left to guard the platform. The poor gobs were confused though, having seen the eldritch light that happens when the platform is used but seeing no one. The wizard hastily left the platform; good thing, too, as the goblins fired their crossbows anyway. While Telles battled for his life, Zortan infiltrated further into the ruined walls of the catacombs. That's when the wizard saw the goblin shaman, his two pet giant spiders, and an ogre! Zortan knew they were in trouble.
Instead of attacking the shaman and his bodyguards, Zortan wisely decided to stay invisible and gather more information about his opponents. While doing so, however, the ogre smelled him but was quite confused as to why he couldn't see what it smelled. 

Zortan quickly and quietly cast a teleportation spell of his own that took him back across the river. 

By this time, though,  Telles had fallen to some well-placed crossbow bolts . Zortan made the decision to save his comrade. He turned himself invisible and made his way to the teleprotation platform, grabbed his unconscious companion's ankles and tried to pull him from the grip of a measly goblin. All three were teleported back across the river. 

Zortan tried to send a magical bolt into the persistent goblin, but the little guy resisted. It immediately attacked the wizard, but Zortan managed to evade the creature's short sword and this time successfully cast his spell, sending the goblin to its doom. Quickly, the wizard grabbed his companion and high-tailed it out of there. They returned to the village and plan on hiring some extra muscle before returning to take care of the goblin menace once and for all. 

Making memories one gaming session at a time. 


  1. Good decision to stay invisible, dude. You barely got out of there.

  2. Looks like Max didn't do any better than the starshield folks at first :)

  3. I thought it wise to teach him the importance of retreating from a superior force while he is still young.

    Some people still haven't properly learned that valuable tactic... ;)