Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Heroes of Larm Journey Into Darkness

Over the past several months, the Heroes of Larm have undertaken a quest to regain what Marda Dragonhammer lost in their struggle against the despicable Society of the Golden Axe. They have traveled to the Ruins of Crisigrin in the wilds outside of Dolmvay in search of a woman and her wizard escort; a woman who has taken Marta's ancestral weapon and with it, Marda's mojo.

Since last we left our heroes, they have encountered more orcs, goblins, magic, traps, a labyrinth, a ghost naga, a gelatinous cube, and many other horrors. They have also learned a little about the wizard who created this dungeon of doom: He was clearly powerful and insane.

Then there was Clem's brief tenure as the goblin god of the hunt...a truly memorable experience at the gaming table...

No sign of the woman they pursue or of Marda's hammer. The Heroes of Larm have just found the entrance to the second level of the mad wizard's home...

Below are some images from their adventures in the former home of Crisigrin...

Rats and Spiders!

  More orcs!
 Leave the devil alone!
 I hope that really is a fountain!

 The dead walk again.
Follow that ghost naga!
That's made of water, that is.
 Are those potions in the floor or are you just happy to see me?