Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Goblins Have Their Day...

After returning to Mayor Caius Rusticus, the Heroes of Larm collected their pay for clearing the mill. Now that he knows the group is trustworthy, the mayor requests the Heroes see the leader of the militia, Commander Arbogast, for another mission involving the recent goblin attacks that have been plaguing the area. 

Arbogast is excited that the mayor has sent these powerful adventurers to take care of his problem. The militia is just not big enough to take care of the menace. 

A scout, a girl from town, Gesa, who is very comfortable in the wilderness, has located the goblin encampment. Arbogast sends her to guide the Heroes to the goblin's camp. 

The Heroes opted for a direct assault, incapacitating the goblin tree sentries. However, after sending a sonic blast into the main skirmish line of the goblins, battle frenzy got the best of the dwarven cleric, and he rushed in contrary to his usually level-headed wise ways. He was felled immediately by goblin arrows. 

The rest of the party made their way into the encampment and took cover and recovered the felled cleric. Things just got worse from there. The Heroes of Larm had to rely on the not-quite-adequate cover of the illusionist's obscuring mist spell to save them from the goblin arrows. 

Eventually, the goblin chieftain felt he had lost too many soldiers and threatened to slash the throat of the unconscious druid until the Heroes left his encampment. They did, and the goblins returned the druid unharmed. 

Now the Heroes are licking their wounds and basking in the healing ability of the dwarves as they plot their next move. 

Regardless of what they decide, they know they must be more cautious on their next foray into the enemy camp if they are to rid Larm of the humanoid menace...


  1. I'm sure the goblins would be willing to listen to a well presented proposal that could see both sides to mutual benefit if presented properly.

  2. One never knows with goblins. The chieftain seems like a reasonable sort...