Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Heroes of Larm Delve Into the Dark Beneath

 Back in Dolmvay, the Heroes are resting at the Weary Wanderer Inn. The next morning, a messenger summons the Heroes to a small village in a nearby forest. A woman is waiting for them there in a shrine on the outskirts of the village. She introduces herself as Windameer Brightblade, paladin of Palan, god of goodness and light.

She informs them she has heard of their exploits and would like to hire them to retrieve certain magical disks lost in a raid by lizard-like humanoids. She offers the PCs a mission in return for 1500 gp and membership in the Order of the Invincible Sun for those who apply.

She informs them that a ranger known as Old Wolf will lead them to the location of the attack.

She also provides them with an enchanted sword of the sun +2/+3 vs. undead. It may only be wielded  by someone of a good alignment. If the wielder commits evil or betrays the trust of the Order, it will return to Windameer.

Thus the Heroes of Larm entered the Dark Beneath. There in the dark embrace of the subterranean world below the planet, the Heroes found themselves in a wondrous but dangerous place. 

It was here that poor Meriaboc became a meal by misunderstanding. Lavender Thyme was struck down by arcane lightning, and the entire fellowship is now allied with he-who-ate-Meriaboc. What a sad, strange twist of events for the Heroes.

Currently, they find themselves infiltrating a duergar stronghold. Will they find the Disks of the Invincible Sun? Or will more of their number die in the pursuit of this most noble quest? Only time and the gods will tell.

In the meantime...
In our most recent session, we gave the new D&D Next playtest rules a run. Stay tuned for a more detailed report on that experience in an upcoming post. I may wait a bit until we manage to play another round of playtesting before posting, but one never knows...