Monday, April 25, 2011

Death Touches the Heroes of Larm...

Tonight the Heroes of Larm delved deeper into the Ruins of Ramat in search of a little girl's dog. What they found chilled them to their souls and brought them face to tentacled maw with some demonic creatures. The Heroes barely made it out, and one of their number fell. I will leave the details to the more proficient bard Blue (who will be giving his account once he has been raised by the priests being sent to Larm from Dolmvay). Here is Blue's account of the events of the day: Poor Blue was the one who was sent to see the gods. But thanks to the retrieval of an ancient holy book of Ramat, the church of Glenys has agreed to raise him if the Heroes donate the book to their church.

To top it all off, they found the dog healthy and hale, though a bit frightened and returned her to her owner. They also solved the mystery of who was stealing Dankmar's wares. Not bad for a night's session. 

 The Heroes of Larm recover after the poison gas cloud cleared from the smashed clay golem...

 The first set of skeleton guardians from the Ruins of Ramat.

 Are those demonic tentacled creatures?

The fall of Blue (and over half the party before the rest defeated the demonic sentinels).

Until then, good reader, keep the dice rolling...