Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Heroes of Larm Prevail!

The Heroes of Larm have emerged from the mysterious and dangerous Dungeon of Crisigrin triumphant. Marda has atoned for her sins by retrieving her ancestral warhammer from the clutches of the thoroughly evil Aria Stadt, daughter and bodyguard of the mad mage, Philgo Stadt. Marda's link with her deity has been restored and as a result, so have her paladin powers. 
Marda Dragonhammer
Over the course of countless days, the heroic band of adventurers slogged through the treacherous labyrinth in the pursuit of their quest. In the course of their dark journey, the companions encountered clever puzzles, devious traps, undead guardians, and bands of humanoids populating the former residence of the most enigmatic mage. Images of their struggles are provided below. 

In the end, the companions found the evil pair on the final and deepest level of Crisigrin's domicile. In the end, Aria was defeated but Philgo escaped. Here ends another chapter in the saga of the Heroes of Larm. Now, onto more adventures as the band continues to seek out evil in the world and protect those who cannot protect themselves. 

Into the realms of adventure!