Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Busy Few Days in the Lives of the Heroes of Larm

 Blue the Half-elf bard decided that diplomacy might work where force of arms did not. He boldly went forward to parley with the goblin chieftain. Weaponless, he entered the goblin encampment to discuss the terms for a peaceful co-existence. The negotiations went rather well all things considered. The gods only know how it will turn out...

 The druid stayed behind to keep an eye on the goblins, while the remainder of the group returned to Larm. There they reported to the mayor and Commander Arbogast. Both are skeptical of the tenuous deal Blue struck. They are willing to wait and see as they have nothing to lose. 

The Heroes then decided to pay a visit to the mad hermit Erkmar to tell him that the Temple of Thaxon is now freed from its curse, but they found that he may just be a bit too far gone into madness to be salvageable. They have decided to send word to the Temple of Thaxon in Dolmvay to request a priest of their order come and try to ease the suffering of Erkmar. 

The druid, Lavender Thyme, keeps feeling the misery of the old town tree and continues her quest to discover what ails the town symbol.

Then the Heroes turned their attention to trying to solve the mystery of who or what is stealing the goods of local merchant, Dankomar. In the midst of the investigation, a young girl comes running into town saying that her dog had been taken by a creature with claws. The Heroes of Larm sprang into action and headed toward Witch's Hill, south and east of the city. There they found an ancient ruin and no sign of the pooch. They found a rather ominous hole and made their way into the subterranean levels of this nameless ruin. A spider and fragile clay golem awaited them. The spider incapacitated over half the party before finally being brought down. The golem was shattered by barbarian and exploded, releasing a massive stinking cloud. The half orc dragged his group out of the nauseating mist and now they are resting against the walls of an ancient ruin, looking for a little dog. 

Here is the bard Blue's account of the events above. Much better written and wittier than the above. Enjoy!

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