Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rules Tweaks Part 3: Buffing the Thief

With all the attention I am paying to the other classes, I suppose it comes as no surprise that I have developed a tweak for the Thief.

In this case, I haven't added any new Special Abilities. Instead, I have buffed one.

As I was examining the classes for places for improvement, I decided that comparatively, they don't have much to look forward to at higher levels except an improved Skill Roll which, of course, helps them in their profession. I also decided that the Thief needed a bit more teeth when it comes to the Backstab Special Ability. So...I have decided on the following rules change:

Backstab: After making a Stealth Skill roll and a successful attack, the target of the backstab makes a Defense roll at a +2 penalty, and the thief scores 2 Damage rather than the normal 1. This damage increases by 1 at every level divisible by 4.

This change adds an additional +1 to the target's Defense and makes it improve by leveling. Before, it was a +1 penalty to the target's Defense and didn't improve. I think this version is much more exciting for the player.

As it stands, only the crossbow and the Thief's Backstab ability are the only abilities that lower the Defense of anyone or anything. Therein lies the lethality of the Thief, exploiting weaknesses in defenses and opponents.

Until next time, thank you for reading and good gaming. Go roll a fistful of dice!

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