Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rules Tweaks Part 1: Refining Multiple Attacks

Now that I have several playtests under my belt, I am making tweaks to the system.

First up: Multiple melee attacks...

In my most recent session, I allowed 2 weapon fighting with only a +1 main hand / +1 off hand Fighting Attribute penalty instead of the normal +1 main hand / +2 off hand penalty given as an example in the rulebook.

I really liked how the +1 / +1 felt for Fighters and Thieves based on the concept of their class training and the inherent agility required to meet the demands of each of those classes.

The Monk, of course, already has an additional attack at 3rd level at no penalty. So, for Monks I think it should stay at the standard +1 / +2 penalty until 3rd level.

I think, also, it would make sense to keep the penalty at +1 / +2 for Clerics and Magic-users as their class training requires a bit more concentration in other areas besides combat. It would be up to the Realm Master whether a Cleric devoted to any of the war gods should only incur the +1 / +1 penalty. I don't think that would be unreasonable.

Next up: Multiple ranged attacks...

For Ga'Oin Shaftshooter (Elf Fighter, wielding a long bow as his weapon of choice), I allowed multiple arrow firing at a +1 first attack / +1 second attack Fighting Attribute penalty per round. I thought it did not overbalance the character in the slightest.

I realized that the fighter as it is written is slanted toward melee: Although Weapon Skill and Titanic Attack apply to both melee and ranged combat, Cleave Attack is only usable in melee. Providing a multiple shot option doesn't deprive the ranged-minded Fighter of anything.

I am going to write it into the Fighter Special Ability section like this:

Rapid Fire: A Fighter wielding a long or short bow may make an additional attack in a round with that particular weapon at a +1 penalty to both attacks. This option may also apply to hurled weapons such as daggers or hand axes at the Realm Master's discretion. 

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