Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DCC RPG Playtest 2

This past Monday, we had our second session of play testing with the DCC RPG Beta rules. We made it through the Funnel but not before many of us fell victim to the skeletons haunting the old tomb. We did manage to make it to the source of all the land's ills and end the threat, but that is where our journey ends with this ruleset. We have decided that our group--in our dotage--is looking for more rules-light and not looking to re capture the past to the degree that this game demands. 

Also, the extra dice, the Funky dice, the tables, and the inclusion of many different subsystems, is just a bit too much for our ADD-ridden group. 

Though I think there are gamers out there who will embrace this system, we have decided it is not for us. 

Back to Castles and Crusades next week. Stay tuned, loyal readers...

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