Monday, May 16, 2011

A Thorough Cleansing of the Fortress of the Mountain King and a New Friend...

 Tonight the Heroes of Larm cleared out the entire complex formerly known as the Fortress of the Mountain King. Go here for Clem the Ranger's complete chronicle of the session:
In the process, they stumbled upon a halfling prisoner of the Mountain King by the name of Meriaboc, a rather irritating fellow, yet a bloke who has a certain charm about him. The Heroes agreed to travel with Meriaboc back to Larm where he immediately went and had a pint then asked Clem for a loan to buy a new short sword. 

Now he has joined with the Heroes who have been called upon to stop an orc raid on the nearby goblin encampment. There they find Clem's sister, Gesa wounded and many goblins--including pups and females--with no sign of the goblin chieftain. Now the Heroes are on a mission to eradicate the orc threat before they turn their sights on Larm and to find and either rescue or avenge the death of the goblin leader, ally of Larm...

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