Monday, May 9, 2011

Face-to-Snout with the Mountain King...

 Tonight the Heroes of Larm continued their exploration of the Fortress of the Mountain King. If you recall, the King's evil minions had been raiding nearby caravans and returning to the safety of an abandoned dwarven fortress. They stumbled upon a guard room and the Mountain King and his bodyguard retinue and furious combat ensued...

Clem the ranger's account of this exciting night of action can be found here:

Beyond an ingenious pit trap, a room full of guards: kobolds and their ogre overmaster.

The Mountain King, the kobold dressed in plate mail and wielding a nasty serrated short sword, stands behind his bodyguards, an ogre, four gnolls, and four kobold elites. 

Until next time, good readers, adieu. 

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